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Internationally Recognized Laser "LANAP" Dentists in Local Practice

Welcome to our Website! If you have seen our pioneering dental laser featured recently on the evening news or in national magazines, you may be surprised to learn that our local practice is right here in Cerritos. Not only are we still seeing private patients, we are ensuring that each patient has a close working partnership with the doctor.

Our patients are encouraged to participate actively in their own dental care. We are committed to good communication, from the moment a patient walks through the door through the days and nights after a procedure.

We believe this commitment sets us apart from other practices. For example, our dentists routinely call patients at home in the evening after a procedure to find out how they're feeling and address any problems. We find that patients appreciate this chance to ask questions when we are both at home and relaxed.

In addition, we have exceptional skills in restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, microscopic treatment and prevention, treating gum disease, and conscious sedation. In looking for ways to improve treatment and increase patient comfort, we developed the LASER ASSISTED NEW ATTACHMENT PROCEDURE (LANAP) ®, a breakthrough gum surgery alternative and treatment for gum disease that would replace the scalpel/suture flap surgery that patients dread. In 1997, the LANAP® protocol became the first periodontal treatment ever to be granted a patent in the United States.

More than a decade of research, clinical trials, and dedication, resulted in our founding of Millennium Dental Technologies and the development of the PerioLase® MVP-7™, a revolutionary new laser. In 2001, PerioLase® MVP-7™ was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for laser curettage (removal of inflamed, diseased soft tissue in the periodontal pocket) and enamel caries (cavities) removal.

We feel we are on a journey of continual discovery. We welcome our patients to join us, learning together and learning from each other.