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The LANAP Procedure – Dr. Robert H. Gregg II, D.D.S.





Cosmetic Fillings

Studies have shown that dental amalgam, or conventional silver filling material, is toxic. What's more, those fillings detract from the natural beauty of your smile. There are several materials which dentists use to replace silver fillings that are made from porcelain or composite resins.

Composite resins are a blend of resins and fine particles which are designed to match the color of your natural teeth. Although composite resins are not as strong as amalgam fillings, they are more cosmetically pleasing. To enhance the strength of composite fillings, dentists will often use cementing and bonding.

Bonding is a process by which dentists apply a tooth-colored material that matches the enamel of the patient's natural teeth. The material is molded and shaped before it is finally hardened and polished.

Another alternative to amalgam fillings is Ionomers. Similar to composite resins in color, Ionomers combine multiple materials, including ground glass and acrylics. They are most often applied to cavities near the gum line or tooth root. Because they are more fragile than amaglam fillings, Ionomers are usually reserved for use when biting pressure will not me a concern. Additionally, Ionomers release a small amount of fluoride, thereby strengthening the enamel.

The last type of cosmetic fillings are made of a combination of porcelain, glass powder and ceramic. These fillings are most commonly used for veneers, crowns, onlays and inlays. They are stronger than Ionomers; however, under prolonged biting pressure, they may crack.